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Frequently Asked Questions

No. While we specialise in refinancing we also do other types of lending (first home, investment, SMSF etc).  See the services page for more information.
We serve clients all over Australia. We use phone, email and Skype to assist and provide solutions for our clients. It is more efficient for us and therefore more cost-effective for our clients.
We favour commission-free home loans. By offering a product with no in-built commission our clients enjoy the lowest rates for fully-featured loans in Australia (offset, redraw, line of credit, interest only all available).

Additionally, with over a decade of financial planning experience we can outline exactly how you can best achieve your goals.

There are two ways we are paid. Our preference is to charge a once-off upfront fee. This can be capitalised (added) to the loan if you want and is basically like increasing the interest rate by 0.05% (eg 3.34% effectively becomes 3.39%). This is far better than having commission built in.  We doubt you will find a cheaper fully-featured loan anywhere in Australia.

The second way is to take the lender commissions and charge no fee, which is the industry standard.  This is not our preferred approach if we can avoid it.  However, it may be necessary if we cannot source a loan that allows us to remove the commission and can happen on occasion if you have unusual or difficult circumstances that make sourcing a loan difficult.

We can usually obtain a conditional approval 2 days after submission of an application. For relatively straightforward applications we may be able to issue a conditional approval letter on the same day.
For refinancing it can generally be a very quick process. Probably the longest part is the discharge of your mortgage from your current lender to the new lender. For an overview please see The Mortgage Process
While we provide a breakdown for your individual situation a very good overview can be found in the Supporting Documents Overview
Usually no. The reason why is because mortgage brokers now account for more than 50% of lending in Australia. The banks rely on brokers as distribution channels for their products. If they undercut the rates they provide the brokers then no broker would recommend their products.

Furthermore, banks have a higher profit when you go direct to them since they aren’t paying out the broker commission but still get to charge the same interest rate.  If you are considered an extremely important client with large lending then they may reduce your rate slightly.