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Is This You?

You already have a mortgage but it is holding you back from achieving your goals.

Moneybright helps everyday Australians like you free up cash by slashing Big Bank interest rates.  We help you to get into a position to make the financial choices that matter to you.

Does any of the following ring true for you?

  • Your home loan seems to be consuming a large portion of your household income
  • You aren’t able to afford to do the things in life you really want to
  • You wonder if you’ll ever pay down the mortgage
  • You want to own your home well before retirement
  • You want to build some wealth but don’t know how you can afford to start

If any of those points resonate with you then we can certainly help you.

Let me ask you – if two competing products have all the features you require but one had a killer low rate, which would you choose?

The low rate right?

So why aren’t more Australians on better rates?  There are 3 main reasons:

REASON #1Analysis Paralysis

There is so much information out there – much of it confusing and conflicting that you don’t know which information you can rely on and trust.  The lenders only want to talk about their products, the comparison sites exclude lenders that won’t pay to be rated and so on.  It can be very difficult and daunting to make the decision to refinance.

REASON #2 – Muddying the Waters

With huge profits available many of the players in the industry seem happy enough to make what is really a simple mathematical concept (how much will I end up paying if refinancing?) quite difficult to understand.  That is, comparison rates, cashback deals, professional packs, standard variable rates, honeymoon rates etc etc all exist to make comparisons, and ultimately cost calculations extremely difficult for you.

REASON #3 – Unreliable Answers

It is very easy to become a mortgage broker and subsequently many simply do not understand financial concepts very well.  EVERY financial choice has an impact on your life and this is what needs explanation.  If you don’t know exactly how different choices will impact your life then you can’t make an informed decision to refinance.

Luckily, there are ways to overcome these issues and that is where Moneybright can help.

Here’s how our approach to mortgage finance is different from all the mortgage brokers out there.

#1 Diagnosis before prescription

You will be probed on your motivation and end-goals before being provided with recommendations.  Basically, the decision to switch lenders comes down to one of three main financial choices – improve cash flow, own your home sooner or start building wealth.  Only with an understanding of your reason for change can we put you on the right track.

#2 Commission-free home loans: 

By simply removing commissions from the equation you can rest-assured that we aren’t influenced by the lender with the deepest pockets.  You will receive unbiased advice that delivers the lowest rate possible to achieve your end goal.

#3 Expert advice 

You won’t be asked to make decisions without reference to your financial choices and ultimate end goal.  You will know EXACTLY how each choice will impact your finances and lifestyle.  This clarity will give you the tools and confidence to make the right decision for your circumstances.

What type of client can we help the most?

The following isn’t a checklist you need to complete before engaging our assistance.  But it gives you an idea who will benefit the most from our service.  If in doubt check our home loan refinancing calculator to see what your situation might look like.

  • You have a mortgage with a Big Bank and you are not happy with the repayments or rate
  • You recognise and appreciate the difference between commissions and paying a fee – see this article on broker commissions increasing repayments & interest
  • You have at least 10% equity in your property (>20% equity will magnify your results)
  • You still have a long loan term remaining (20 years is a good start)
  • You are comfortable dealing with a broker via email, phone and/or via Skype (for face-to-face)
  • You are open to suggestions about your financial choices and how to improve your situation
  • You are looking to make some changes in your life and want to start NOW

So what’s the next step?

  1. Check out our home loan refinance calculator to see how much better off you could be
  2. Submit the results to book your callback
  3. And share with your friends!