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Brighter Money Management


We help Gen X, Y, Z like you make smarter, more confident decisions around your money by setting goals based on your values and then correctly structuring your finances to help you hit your goals.

Everybody has a different idea of what is important to them in life.  You won’t be pigeon-holed at Moneybright.  We will work with you to determine what your end-goals are and recommend appropriate solutions accordingly.

Have You Ever Thought…

I am spending too much money and don’t know where it’s all going

You have competing expenses in life.  It’s hard to balance living for today with planning for tomorrow.  Maybe you’re too busy to keep on top of it and are in a financial black hole.

I have so much debt but wish I could wipe it all away

Living is getting more and more expensive.  Mortgage/rent, utilities, insurances – your money is spent as soon as you earn it.  You can’t get your debt down and it’s stressing you.

I’m worried about having enough money for my future

You’re anxious if you will have money for things you want to do.  Forget retirement, you’re concerned about not having enough money for goals along the way like renovations, travel, education for example.

How We Help You Manage Your Money

Everybody loves the idea of saving money.  But when left to do it by yourself, there’s a huge chance you will struggle with the savings bit while still trying to make sure you have enough money for other areas of your life.

To be successful you need to:

  1. Identify your reasons to save (GOALS) based on what matters to you (VALUES),
  2. then structure your finances to identify extra money, and
  3. allocate that extra money to achieving your GOALS.

But you already knew that.  The hardest part is putting this into action.  That’s where Moneybright can help.


When it comes to financial decisions around goals, you might be similar to most people and start with your individual financial planning foundations first.  That is, you may make decisions around your super fund, your insurances, your debts or investments.  You may make these decisions in isolation with little reference to other areas of your life.

The reality is those wealth foundations ARE really important and each of those blocks need to be built so that your plan is sitting on something really solid.   But you have to start with, “What will make me happy in life.”   That is why we have you define your values first and construct goals based on those values.

Everybody has goals in life – reasons to save in the first place.  But these are generally linked to your values.  For example, if you value experiences you may have a goal for overseas travel or to retire early.   Someone that values family may share those same goals in order to spend more time together.

Or how about cutting back to part-time or being able to afford maternity leave if you value family?  If you value security you may want to save a house deposit or maybe you want to pay off your mortgage faster.  Maybe you value independence and individuality and want to start a business.

Only once you are clear on those values-based goals can you determine WHAT your plan actually looks like and HOW and WHERE to allocate your savings.  You can then have a plan designed to help you get to your goals.

What you value will determine the types of GOALS you will target.  Living a life based on your values will make you happy.

By targeting GOALS that have a foundation in your value-system, you will be more emotionally invested in trying to achieve them.  It follows that you will also be more likely to work harder to fund them.


Regardless of your individual value-system, these goals do have one thing in common – if you can increase your savings you will have more money to put towards your goals and you will achieve them faster.  That is why your next step is to develop a structured approach to savings and spending, which our 3-pronged approach provides.   At the core of this approach is a software solution that takes away the hassle of spreadsheets and receipts in shoeboxes.

i) Budgeting

Set targets so you can determine how successful you really are at managing your money.  Since these are your targets and not ours, we will help you choose how much you want to allocate to each of your expense categories and then hold you accountable.

ii) Reporting

Reporting is about giving you feedback on how successful you really are.  Never be in the dark again about where your money goes with real-time feedback on the information you want, in the way you want, using your real numbers.

iii) Banking

Get control of your money with correct banking structures.  See exactly how much you’ve got for bills, what you’ve got to spend and know what you can save.  You will manage your money better with the right accounts for spending, storage and savings.


Implement the three cornerstones of a spending and savings plan to enjoy success.

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