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First Home Buyer?

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As leading refinancing specialists, Moneybright uses commission-free home loans designed to slash your Big Bank mortgage repayments.  Our expert assistance provides you with real financial choices.

Everybody has a different idea of what is important to them in life.  You won’t be pigeon-holed at Moneybright.  We will work with you to determine what your end-goal is and recommend an appropriate solution accordingly.

Which One Worries You?

Feel like your home loan controls you?

Sometimes life can pass you by.  The mortgage can slowly strangle the life out of you with more and more of your cash gone before you know it.  Refinancing can free up cash flow so that you can do the things that matter most to you in life – NOW.    We can show you how to start living life more by lowering your repayments.

Wondering if you’ll ever own your home?

Tired of making your mortgage repayments every single month but the balance just doesn’t seem to be budging?   Refinancing can help.  Normally a great rate results in lower repayments to save cash.  But if you maintained the same repayments you will be paying off more of the ‘principal’ with each repayment.  We can help you own your home sooner.

Concerned if you’ll have enough at retirement?

The Big Banks are making record profits and that means their home loans are taking more of your cash.  Do you ever get anxious wondering if you are putting away enough to retire on?  But what if you could redirect the extra savings from a cheaper mortgage and start building some wealth now?  We can show you how to build long-term wealth with our innovative approach.

What are the Big Banks Costing You?


How We Reduce Your Anxiety

1. Refinancing Specialists

We specialise in refinancing.  You won’t need to worry about how to organise a refinance or whether it is the right thing for you.  We know the process intimately and have developed systems, processes and tools that make refinancing a breeze.  With Moneybright by your side you will avoid the common refinancing traps that even mortgage brokers make.

2. Commission-Free Home Loans

It is possible to rebate commission but you will still end up with a higher interest rate.  In contrast, we have products that can cut out the commission entirely so you get THE LOWEST RATE.  Consequently, you save more money to either spend, reduce debt or invest further.  This low-cost and structured approach is also perfect for first time property investors.

3. Expert Assistance

End the frustration of not knowing where you stand or how financially fit you are.  Imagine having an understanding of exactly what impact on your life different financial choices could make?  Moneybright provides you with that clarity.  With over a decade of financial planning experience we understand the role debt plays in your life and how to ensure you control debt and not the other way around.

Real Clients - Real Results

I am coming out of a multi-property divorce settlement. The great rates have helped me refinance a couple of properties and draw out some cash to take a break and get started again. All with lower repayments now too which is hard to believe.

B Hunter

I am going from the worst rate in the office to having the best. Making the same repayments will save over $160,000 interest & we’ll own our home 6 years earlier. As a young family it will allow us to get ahead financially and set ourselves up for the future.

S Sargent

Our accountant hassled us for a couple of years to start building our super. Adam from Moneybright agreed. We refinanced with him and now have the cash to own our home sooner and invest to build wealth. We can’t recommend Moneybright enough.