Calculate Your Savings With a Commission Free Home Loan

The calculator below compares your current rate versus some of the rates available when going with our no-commission model.  Enter your details on the input tab.  The input tab will then display what saving you could potentially make by switching to a lower rate.

The RESULTS tab has 3 sections.  The first compares your current repayments versus the new, lower repayments.  The second section shows the potential result if you just continued with your current repayments and didn’t reduce them.  You will save much more in interest and in the repayment term as well.  This is a risk-free option.

The third section shows what you could potentially accumulate over the term by salary sacrificing the difference into superannuation.  There is some risk involved as you are investing the savings.  However, it assumes a balanced investment inside superannuation.  It would be up to you to determine if the risk justifies the potential reward.

WARNING:  Please don’t forget the General Advice Warning in the footer.

Show me my savings

Calculator assumptions

  • Monthly repayments
  • Constant interest rate over loan life
  • Loan life assumed at term entered
  • Excludes fees, charges, exit costs if any except where noted
  • Investment earnings based on:
    • 6.63% pa (assuming superannuation earnings tax of 15%)
    • PAYG earner at 34.5% marginal tax rate incl. medicare levy
    • Salary sacrifices an amount that would give the difference in loan repayments after taking into account income tax.  For example, if the difference in repayments was $75 and you were on a marginal tax rate of 34.5%, you would need to earn $115 before tax to continue paying the extra $75.  Or you could contribute the money to superannuation and only pay 15% tax (rather than 34.5%).  Then the net amount working for you would be $97 rather than $75.
  • 15% concessional contributions tax levied on salary sacrificed amount
  • Investment timeframe equals loan term which may be overstated.  For example, a 45 year old with a 30 year loan is unlikely to be salary sacrificing over that whole period.

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