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The Moneybright Method


Nearly everybody wants to achieve some sort of financial freedom in their life.  The Moneybright Method is a system that helps you determine what is important to you, and then outlines the step-by-step process you need to make it happen.

To be successful with your financial planning and getting what you want most of out of life there are 4 steps you need to follow.  The videos below provide an overview of the individual steps.


4-step Moneybright Method

The Moneybright Method

1. How Values-Based Goals Help You Hit Your Targets

Only when you understand your values and what drives you, can you begin to lay the foundation for some goals to achieve.  You will have a deep emotional drive to achieve goals that you have clearly defined and linked to your values.


2. How To Own Your Finances With the Spending and Savings Program

Money Management (or cash flow budgeting) is a tool used to shave money from your non-essential spending. Surplus cash flow can then be directed to achieve the lifestyle and financial goals that matter to you in life.

This video outlines the Moneybright Spending and Savings Program.


3. How to Grow Your Wealth With Moneybright Financial Planning

When you try to link your Financial Plan into your Money Management Program there are 5 important questions that must be answered:

1) What are you investing for?
2) How much can you save?
3) What do you invest in?
4) How do you diversify?
5) Where do you save?

The first two questions are answered in the videos on Values-Based Goals and the Spending & Savings Program. The last three questions are addressed in this final video that outlines Moneybright Financial Planning and how we use this to help clients achieve their lifestyle and financial goals.


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